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A blog of one man's effort to find his robot roommate a date. If you are new check out this video first.

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The Mission

I live in Brooklyn with my roommate who happens to be a real life robot. As impressive as a fully functioning automaton is, the guy has a hard time meeting girls. So I decided to help him out and you should too. This blog will chronicle that journey.

Email me or respond to our videos with your advice for me and 011iver.

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17 August 09


Hello Internet…

Boy things have been pretty crazy recently.  Finally, I getting a chance to relax a bit.  If this is your first time to my blog you might want to start at the begin.  Also, this fantastic guide might help!

Let me know if you have any questions


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26 July 09

Robot meets girl, robot falls for girl, girl leaves town for good…

…Shakespeare himself couldn’t make this stuff up.

Download Robots Must Have Love by Tobor the 808th Man.

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24 July 09

Tired and Emoticon

You have to see this, guys… Chuck’s leaving, I can’t believe it. She hasn’t been online in days. She doesn’t have a clue how 011ie feels. : (

Is it too late?  Too late for Chuck and 011iver to fulfill there destiny as computer-crossed lovers?  011iver thinks so, but I feel that we can pull some Mission Impossible shit and drop in, on wires, with tight leather suits on, and lasers…  011iver thinks this is “impractical.”  I am sure we could come up with something, hmmm, if only he thought so.

We could convince him…  give it one last chance—>718.753.0635
Nah…  It couldn’t happen, he won’t listen to me. 

Thank you all for reading the blog… consider this the last post.               
: ( ~Tim : (

Tags: drunk robot
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22 July 09

Robot Speed Dating

011iver and I were able to escape the Big Apple for the West Coast. We flew all the way out to Portland to go speed dating with a bunch of wacky robots. However, it seems 011iver’s mind was still very much in NYC… Why are my friends so silly?


Chuck, if you are reading this call 011ie.  You two can work this out.  You all are perfect for each other!  I don’t know why I never saw it before.  Come back…

p.s. If any of the Portland hotties I met want to give me a tweet I certainly won’t object… :D

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14 July 09

Mega Bot 9

Hello Naughty Botty Friends,

I am currently out of the city working on some potential investments. While my friends, of course, are slacking on the homefront.  This is a video of them just sitting around and playing video games.  I knew 011iver was lazy, but Chuck?

Oh, plus Chuck is leaving The Big City… See what happens when I am away?

Anyways, 011iver and I are going to Portland next week for a Robot Speed Dating… Finally, 011iver might have some luck, because I hear there are going to be some hotties there!


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7 July 09

Robot vs. Wild

011iver and I decide to take a much needed break from the dating world and head off into the rugged terrain of Connecticut and get our manly-ness on. There is nothing wrong with two men enjoying each other’s company in beauty of nature.


p.s. I am not going to be around next weekend… I have some super important business to attend to in another state, so expect another video from Chuck and 011iver.

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1 July 09

As you can see, 011iver’s date last weekend didn’t go so great, but this time I was sick in bed nowhere near the disaster, so nobody can blame this one on me. Beings of pure energy are so hard to impress, I don’t think there is much 011iver could have said or done to get in this girl’s good graces anyways.


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26 June 09

Why Max Will No Longer Date Robots.

Max sent this over… I guess to explain why 011iver and her didn’t work out, and maybe dispel some of the rumors circulating out there in the robot/cyborg community.

Hmmmm… And I don’t like to think of myself as “troubling” unless it is in a badass sense.


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23 June 09

Chuck Blocked

This was supposed to be 011iver’s 2nd date with Max, but it got a little awkward after Chuck, Glen, and Glen’s monkey showed up. At least Glen kept his monkey in the bag this time. It is always a little strange when Glen plays with his monkey in public.

Bizarre, you know? I have never seen Chuck act so weird. She must have just been really hungry.


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18 June 09

Hey Everyone!!!!!

So last weekend on 011ie’s date, Max challenged him to a runway walkoff. The thing is, I think Max really likes 011iver, cause it seems like it was a good trick to get him to go out with her on another date, since the loser has to buy the winner a burrito. Anyways, watch the video, and vote your your favorite below:

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